Additional Facts to Consider

  • Zero-based budgeting has been approved by the board, however has not been initiated.  Considerable waste in the district has yet to be identified.


  • Gilbert Schools has seen a significant increase in student achievement from 2011 to 2013 in spite of $26 million loss in state funding over the same timeframe.  Go to PowerPoint slide #4.  Click Here


  • The district has requested a 6.6% maintenance override that will begin to sunset in 2019.  If passed, this will not provide additional dollars for improvements in the classrooms, schools or raises for employees.


  • A 6.6% override is approximately $11.6 million dollars a year.
    Examples for the average burden per taxpayer:
    Assessed Home Value   Estimated Annual Tax
    $146,280 = $180.83
    $292,560 = $217.66

    The override tax is a tax in excess of the state funding formula. In other words, it is an additional tax to the regular funding for Gilbert Schools.


  • The Gilbert Public School District raised both the primary and secondary property taxes one year ago.  If this passes, the 2013 override will be an added tax piled on top of these tax increases! Recently, property values in Gilbert have risen significantly and homeowners will be paying much more. Unfortunately, this fact is not being disclosed by the District in their public presentations.


  • This money is going only to the Gilbert Public School District. Not a penny will benefit the thousands of students in the public charter schools in Gilbert.


  • Hard-working taxpayers in Gilbert have spoken once and are wondering why we have to go through this again. Can’t the government live within its means like everyone else?


  • This special election will cost Gilbert Public Schools taxpayers about $350,000.